Support a child living with disability

disabled_kidNine year old Rodgers Charo was born a normal boy, but years after his birth he started to develop a combination of epilepsy and deformation on his limbs which affected his growth. Believing that he was cursed, his father abandoned them. The responsibility of taking care of him became too much on his mother who later died from stress, leaving him under the care of his grandmother to fight for his life. Rodgers requires specialised attention but his grandmother cannot be able to provide that due to poverty. His story represents that of 200 other children living with disabilities in Marafa community.


We have the opportunity to change these children’s lives;

With your help, Rodgers and hundred other children in his community could be able to attend school and achieve their dreams.

  • Your monthly gift of Kshs. 1,000 could buy specialised equipment to support children like Rodgers to live and learn more independently.
  • Your one-off donation of Kshs. 5,000 will be added to the ones of thousand other Kenyans contributing to buy learning materials and give support to children living with disabilities in order for them to attend specialised school.



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Name: ActionAid Kenya