The COVID 19 infections have now reached community transmission stage and Kakamega County is one of the counties that have recorded increasing cases of new infections. As at 4th August 2020, the county recorded at least 20 cases of Corona Virus infections. Despite these increasing cases, the county government is yet to put in place adequate measures to prevent further spread within the communities.

A spot check from the Khwisero Sub-County hospital indicated that only three beds were available for isolation. The sub-county has, so far, not reported any positive cases despite being at high risk because of its close proximity to Siaya and Busia counties that have recorded more than 100. Besides, Kakamega town remains at risk due to high influx of travellers from Nairobi, especially, after the travel restrictions were lifted by the President.

Distribution exercise of hygiene kits at Eshibinga Health Centre in Khwisero.

In order to cushion the community members from possible infections, ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) in partnerships with Unilever donated soap items and scouring powder to at least 5,000 community members in Kakamega County.

The consignment was flagged off by the Khwisero East Assistant County Commissioner Mr Ibrahim Omwambi and the Sub-county Ministry of Health Officer Mr Jairo Songa.  The area ACC applauded ActionAid and Unilever for the donations and called upon other actors to join in the response initiative to help reach more vulnerable households. “I want to urge you all to ensure that you maintain the social distances in any public space that you will find yourself in. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water to meet the hygiene standards necessary to prevent spread and infection of COVID 19,” he said. A total of 20 sub- locations were used as distribution centres to ensure that as many beneficiaries as possible received the donations.

The distribution also provided a good platform for sensitizing the community members on behaviour change and the new guidelines for home-based care for COVID-19 patients.

Khwisero Youth Empowerment partners participated in the distribution of hygiene items
(Banners displaying information on COVID-19 prevention)