Tangulbei – Over 100 victims of severe flooding in Baringo are receiving help from ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK).

Weeks of torrential rain have hit Baringo County, causing River Tangulbei to bust its banks, affecting over 45,000 people across the county, and sweeping away homes and businesses, leaving at least 100 people newly displaced in Tangulbei Local Rights Programme (LRP). A significant amount of infrastructure has been destroyed, including bridges and electric power lines.

Habiba Muhamud, a mother of seven is among those receiving emergency help. She comes from Tangulbei village, one of the areas heavily affected by floods within the LRP. With the support of AAIK, she’s been given food items, and dignity kits. Just like other victims, she received 45kgs of dry maize, 15kgs beans, and 2 litres of cooking.  Others include non-food items (NFIs) such as blankets, kitchen supplies, water purification tablets, bedsheets, and mosquito nets.

Sisi ni wakulima. Hatukuokoa chochote (We are farmers. We couldn’t save anything),” she explained. “Tulikesha usiku kucha tumesimama juu ya meza, asubuhi tulichukua watoto tukatoroka nao (we spent the night standing on the table holding to the roof as the waters were raging), Nyumba ilianguka na kila kitu ikaoshwa baada ya kutoka (Our house fell down and was washed away with all our belongings after we escaped). Hatuna chochote saa hii (We have nothing at the moment).” 

AAIK is also planning to carry out more counseling sessions for all the survivors, and vigorous advocacy efforts to compel the county government to provide more support to the affected families, specifically, on reconstruction, and policy reforms to cushion the vulnerable community members from such disasters.

“The destruction we have seen here is unlike any other recent disaster and has many vulnerable people, mostly women, without homes, at a time when having a safe place to shelter is essential for slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Lucy Ntongai, one of the AAIK staff based in Tangulbei.  

AAIK and local partner other organizations are calling on other stakeholders to increase efforts to provide additional food, hygiene, sanitation, and shelter facilities to the survivors.   

“It is our collective duty to ensure that displaced people have access to hygienic living conditions and that all responses are consistent with humanitarian principles,” said Thomas Bargetuny, the AAIK Community Development Facilitator, Tangulbei LRP.  

AAIK also is helping to identify those at high risk of exploitation, especially women and girls, and organizing information sessions related to protection issues for victims of flooding.