Susan Sikukuu a 15years old girl. She is currently in standard eight at Kongelai primary school where she stays in the Kongelai dormitory (an integrated safe-house within the school for use during school days). In 2016 her parents had planned for her to undergo FGM and then be married off.  She escaped and came to Komesi women for safety.  Owing to her vulnerability and risk at home. The women enrolled her at Kongelai primary school, where she is in standard eight; final year of primary education.

During the holidays Susan cannot go home, for her own reasons;

“it is very risky and I am scared that if I go home my parents will forcefully marry me off, some of my friends who did not run away like me are married and have children already, so when school closes I stay with the women at their house and Maria (Matron) takes care of us, I miss home but it is risky for me to go back there.” Says Susan

Susan is now happy because the safe house is being constructed and many girls like her will be safe.

 “I’m very happy because when the safe house will be constructed because I will come to the safe house and many more girls will get a chance to change their lives.  I have achieved much in my education because I no longer worry about missing school, hiding to escape forced marriage, I feel safe and confident. I am now in final year of primary and my performance is better, last term I attained position nine and I hope I will do well and join a good secondary school next year. I want to be the role model for girls in my village. As per now, the achievement that Susan has made is that in standard eight, she managed to attained position nine and she is aiming higher in her education.” Concludes Susan.                         

Susan outside the KOMESI traditional shelter currently used by the women and girls