Change a young mother's life


In the deep of Mukuru slums lives a single mother of three called Esther.
In 2014, Esther was raped by four male friends, when she reported the matter to the police they asked her for a bribe this made her feel helpless, and eventually she gave up. She now suffers the shame of seeing her attackers on the streets, who greet her as though nothing has happened. This has led her to become withdrawn and she only leaves home when she has to.


Esther is one of many young women in Mukuru who are subjected to rape and regular beatings, but don’t have the confidence to speak about it openly.
We have the opportunity to help her and other survivors of violence access quality support services.


What you can do;

  • Your monthly donation of Kshs. 1,000 could help Esther join a support group where women with similar experiences meet to share and receive information on how to access justice, access counselling services and also a HIV test.
  • A one off donation of Kshs. 2, 500 Kshs could help a mother like Esther to receive support with income generation activities so that they can support their families.



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Name: ActionAid Kenya