Donate FAQs

How does donating to a community project work?

Your monthly or regular donations are used to increase our interventions in the 20 communities in Kenya where we are currently delivering projects relating to Governance, Education, Health, Women and Child rights, Food rights, Conflict and Human Security.

Why do we need your help?

We believe that Kenyans can join the global giving community by supporting people living in some of the most excluded communities and create a more balanced and secure society for us all. Your donation will; support community projects such as water harvesting, health centre, school building, income generating equipment for women, a skill acquisition centre, equipment for women, a skill acquisition centre or learning materials for children.

Where are the community projects based.

We work with the poorest and the excluded communities, that is, wego where others do not. In Kenya, we are currently implementing community projects in 14 counties and working with partners in six other counties.

Why not just give directly to our partners in the area

ActionAid has 43 years of doing development work and hence possess the relevant expertise required for community work.

Our approach is also different in that we believe the poor people have the capability to change their situation and hence help them use the power within them to fight poverty and access privileges they have been denied.

How does AAIK choose projects?

The selection process is participatory and is guided by a criteria set out in our Partnership Against Poverty Policies & Procedures Manual that uses indicators such as access to health (health services, infant mortality and nutritional status), education (enrolments, literacy levels and gender disparities), vulnerability in relation to conflict, access to water and sanitation, and prevalence and incidence of HIV and AIDS.

When do you choose new projects?

This depends on the implementation duration of the projects. Once the implementation period for a project is over; we shall notify you of the new projects that the organization is looking to implement.

How should I give?

Monthly or One Off donations can be made directly to; Sponsor a community in Kenya




Account Number: ActionAid Kenya





             Account Number: 01-080-336006-10,


What if the project I am interested in has already raised its full budget

If the project is fully funded; we can assign you another project of a similar nature

How the money is spent.

82%-community project


11% Administrative costs