Despite being illegalised in 2011; Female Genital Mutilation is still a grim reality in some parts of Kenya. For instance in West-Pokot County, seven out of ten young girls are at risk of facing the cut especially during school holidays. Scientifically, it has been proven that this brutal practise has no benefits for girls and women.

Instead, the procedure can cause severe bleeding, infection, and other lasting health problems. Survivors are forced into marriage and child pregnancy denying them the opportunity to pursue their education and reach their full potential.

ActionAid Kenya has been working in one of the worst hit areas in Kenya. We work tirelessly with communities to stop the brutal practice – but there is still so much to do even with the remarkable achievements (645 girls rescued countrywide in the last five years). It is against this backdrop that ActionAid Kenya has developed an urgent call to action to address the plight of girls who are at risk of FGM in Kongelai.

The help rescue our girls appeal calls on individuals from all walks of and corporates operating in Kenya to join the fight against FGM by supporting the construction of a Safe House for the girls at risk and a Resource Centre for the Women Network.

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Cost Breakdown

  • 500,000 will purchase beds for 80 girls
  • 700,000 for mattresses for 80 girls
  • 100,000 to purchase cement for a safe house
  • 50,000 will purchase gloss paint for the doors, windows, fascia board wall skirting-crown premium for the safehouse
  • 20,000  to purchase plastic emulsion paint
  • 20,000 will purchase pre-painted corrugated iron sheets
  • 12,000 for purchase of a standard steel door
  • 5,000 will go into purchasing binding wire


Pay Bill – 899610

Account Name: End FGM

Bank Details

Standard Chartered branch – Westlands

Account name: Actionaid International Kenya, local fundraising

Account number: 01-080-336006-10

Branch: Westlands

Our Target


Ksh 14,000,000

Girls at Risk


Safe Houses Needed