Get her out of the Dumpsite



Meet Alice, she is 14 Year old, and in class three at Digirikani primary school, Mwakirungi. Alice loves school but delayed to enrol at the right age because she would accompany her mother to the dumpsite to look for food and things to sell.

The burns on Alice’s legs were inflicted by toxic chemicals in the dumpsite. As a result she missed school for a whole year in 2012.
“I am not happy at the dumpsite because the place smells bad, and there are dangerous broken bottles, nails and syringes. I am also afraid of the fire that is always burning and sometimes explodes.”

Change Alice’s story and hundred others like her. Break the cycle of poverty Help create an alternative source of livelihood



What you can do;

  • Donation of Kshs. 1,000 could help a women acquire business skills that will help them start up their businesses.
  • One off donation of Kshs. 2,500 could help raise capital for one mother to start up a business.



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